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Products and Services

B P Wiggill Engineering manufactures castings and fabrications for industry and the mining industry for the following plants:

- Smelters and metallurgical plants.

- Crushers, Mills, Screens, Concentrators and Ore handling plant.

- Sulphuric Acid Plants

- Castings for general engineering applications

- Pump castings


Meehanite range of materials

- Flake graphite irons eg. Meehanite GA, Meehanite GB etc.

- Nodular graphite irons eg. Meehanite SF, Meehanite SP etc.

- Irons for heat applications eg. Meehanite HR, Meehanite HE & Meehanite HS.

- Irons for wear applications eg. Meehanite WA & Meehanite W20B.

- Irons for corrosion applications eg. Meehanite CB3.

-High chrome irons eg. Meehanite W20B.

Cast steels

-Carbon steels eg. BS3100 A2, ASTM A27 65-35.

-Steels for use at elevated temperatures eg. ASTM A297 HH, HI, HT.

-Austenitic manganese steels.


-Phosphor bronzes eg. BS1400 PB1 & PB2.

Photo Gallery

Smelters and Metallurgical plants.

Matte mould

Slag ladle

Crushers, Mills, Screens, Concentrators and Ore Handling plant.

Fabricated feed-chute with cast liners

Cast feed-chute

Mill inlet trunnion liner

Spur gear

Sulphuric Acid Plants

Grids and divison plates

Convertor grid

Pipes and bends loaded for delivery

Pump Castings

Bronze impeller

About Us

Started in 1989 we now run a foundry and fabrication shop to manufacture goods for our mining and engineering clients.

We have a range of foundry services including patternmaking, casting, heat treatment and machining.

Quality assurance services such as in house laboratory with spectrometer and metallographic equipment.

Mechanical testing is done by outside certified metallurgical laboratories.

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